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Banu Extermination Having been founded in 2014, they specialize in offering efficient pest control services. Banu Pest Control is a pre-customer firm that thrives on providing inventive and safe pest control solutions for homes and businesses. No matter the severity of the issue or the location of the pest’s residence, we are motivated to provide specialized solutions for pest problems.We can attend to each one as and when our clients request. When you have a pest problem or want to keep future intruders out of your house, we use our science-based methodology to help find the source of the issue and put in place a solution designed specifically for your house. Every day, professionals in pest management enhance lives by safeguarding individuals. property and the food supply of our country from pests. Many businesses in the industry are motivated to give back to the communities they serve by the same attitude of service and compassion.

Who we are

India’s residential and commercial properties have been receiving superior pest control services from Banu Sri Pest Control. We give every one of our services to homes and the surrounding areas with the utmost care. You can get assistance from our staff and our highly experienced specialists for any pest problems that you may encounter at your house. Banu Sri Pest Control has worked tirelessly to provide more superior and economical Banu Sri Pest Control technology-driven services and products. Moreover, some people wait until they become infested before realizing they have a problem. Many damage points to the girders, floor joists, sills, etc.; all of them need to be fixed. We have an early detection system in place to stop any damage from occurring and to identify them prior to their entry inside the house.

Our Vision

We intended to encourage pest prevention with the assistance of our technicians in pest control. Our good reputation for pest control in ads has earned the trust of our customers. Safety and health are our main concerns.In order to provide relevant post-order service support, we communicate with the clients.

Our Mission

In the Chennai area, Banu Sri Pest Control is highly renowned for their exceptionally proficient pest control services. We successfully remove the bug from your property. In order to ensure our clients’ comfort, we strictly prohibit the presence of pests, mosquitoes, and flies at their locations.We also encourage prompt resolutions in remote locations. The project is completed within the allocated budget, based on the most accurate budget estimates.

Our passion to protection you and your family from pest related diseases

For whatever size project, we promise to provide timely, secure, and cost-effective services. Above all, we are dedicated to providing you with the most trustworthy bug control service going forward and to achieving the best results from our pest treatments. For this reason, we are available to you whether you wish to prevent pests from bothering you or if you already have one.

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